Michael Carsley


Michael is primarily a bass player born and raised in the city of Philadelphia. There he has studied bass at the University of the Arts and graduated  with a bachelors of performance degree. Performing music has always been a great passion of Michael's and playing multiple instruments was naturally the best teacher after graduating in 2001. Carsley has played in numerous bands and has toured the east coast performing with many different local ensembles.


Carsley believes that sharing the joys of musical performance with the youth is the obligation of all musicians in one way or another. Naturally becoming a teacher was inevitable. In 2005 Carsley completed a Masters Degree in Music Education at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia. His passion at the time was to learn to play as many different instruments as possible.


After the close of Cardinal Dougherty High School, were Michael resided as Choral Director and Piano Instructor, Carsley decided to take a job on Carnival Cruise Lines (CCL) as a show-band musician. While performing for CCL Michael played bass and provided music for dancers, comedians, actors and of coarse the audience of listeners; bringing music to listeners in Mexico and other parts of the world like Grand Cayman and the Bahamas.


In addition to performing music on electric and double bass, Michael utilizes the guitar and piano often to compose and perform music. Carsley purchased a set of double second steel pans in June 2009 and began practicing as a solo performer. Michael began performing locally playing steel pans and singing. He has performed at bars, restaurants, clubs,weddings and private events.